Our Goal is Your Post- Transition Success

We focus on the unified family vision to successfully transfer intergenerational wealth.

Wealth Management

We are seeking to augment your financial advisors, not replace them. All of our associates have a strong background in wealth management, but their experience serves as a catalyst in magnifying the family goals, interaction and philanthropic efforts.

Legacy Planning

Involving your family, especially children, from the very beginning is crucial.

Besides the traditional benefits of giving, we treat family philanthropy as a guide for preparing and teaching the upcoming generation. They need to formally understand where they sit, what they are entitled to and what responsibilities does it come with.

Together, we will facilitate family gatherings to discuss what is important to all of you. Getting family members to open up and contribute to the conversation is the first step in identifying your common goals and values.

Strategic Philanthropy

Philanthropy, as we see it, is not about donating large sums of money for causes out of your control. We will help you devise a strategy based on your unified family vision that will make a continuous visible impact for generations. We will discuss ways to magnify the current giving efforts and ensure their continuity through either regeneration of capital or the creation of new legacy capital.

Risk Management

Our strategy is backed by a pure financial analysis needed for effective implementation. We will guide you through all the risks associated with asset platforms and articulate the strategic plan for pure family goal protection.

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